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Vincent Huang Entrepreneur-In-Chief
Vincent's first venture began with a vision

- or more exactly, the capturing of visions through camera lenses so that they can be shared and inspire others. His photo business taught him the value, and rewards, of basing a career on a passion.

Before long, his entrepreneurial spirit led to new ventures: in 1996, he launched Solo Wireless to tap the burgeoning mobile market. This later became VHA, which acquires subscribers for prepaid wireless providers. Today VHA is the largest master agent for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

Motivated by these early successes, Vincent then launched Eureka, which is today the largest independent electronic payment agent in the U.S.

Along the way, Vincent noticed the importance of management techniques and leadership skills - and he became passionate about learning more and sharing what he learned. He expanded his business with divisions focusing on retail operations and leadership training, including his latest start-up, Concentrus.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Vincent came to the States at age 12. He credits his success to the insights and inspiration from his Christian upbringing.