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VHA's Fierce Accountability Training
Case Study
In August 2011, Concentrus trained VHA and their client companies in Fierce Accountability. Just three months later, VHA retail stores on the West Coast had their best Black Friday ever. VHA credits the change of personal attitudes as the difference maker, with employees taking on the mantra "If it is to be, it is up to me!"
Victim Context

Old Attitude:

We can't compete with the "Big Boxes" such as Best Buy and Walmart, because we can't give the discounts that they offer.


We don't have one.


November 26, 2010


Previous Black Friday Numbers (7 stores)
Low of 3 handsets
High of 24 handsets
90 total handsets sold

Accountable Context


Retail store managers and supervisors attended Concentrus's Fierce Accountability training. They are challenged to choose a new context for results and learn the mantra "If it is to be it is up to me." Their manager noticed that they were more focused, mature, detailed, and determined.

New Attitude:

We can compete because we will prepare, create a plan, and have ownership in the process.


The team came up with several sales and marketing strategies, understanding that they may lose some money on discounted handsets, and that they would make it back on accessories, airtime, and repeat sales.

Open earlier (8:30 AM), close later (9:00 PM)
Buy-one-get one promo on select phones
Employee discount for everyone


November 26, 2011


Their best Black Friday ever - a sales increase of over 400%.
New Black Friday numbers (7 stores)
Low of 3 handsets
High of 90 handsets
467 total handsets sold

Black Friday    Nov 26th 2010    Nov 25th 2011
Huntington Park   24   90
East LA   15   60
Downtown LA   18   53
SF   8   63
Seattle   7   86
Van Nuys   15   83
San Diego   3   32
Total   90   467