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Sabastian Huynh Identity Evangelist
For Sabastian Huynh, the drive began a decade ago.

After receiving degrees in human development and international development, Sabastian set out to transform ideals into reality. "It's not enough to talk about personal ambitions or organizational goals - or even how to change the world," says Sabastian. "All those memos and vision statements can't act on their own. We need to take action and inspire others to take action. And that requires leadership."

Developing those leaders became Sabastian's mission. "Few people are natural born quarterbacks. We all need to learn insights and attitudes, skills and strategies to take charge and achieve results."

One of Sabastian's first assignments took him far from the glass towers of his hometown of Tustin, CA. Not Wall Street, Silicon Valley, or DC - he found himself in the heart of various Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. There he worked with several non-governmental organizations to develop indigenous leaders who could combat human trafficking and unjust working environments.

"Helping people try to end modern slavery definitely puts all other leadership goals in perspective."

Back home in California, the drive continues. Sabastian became Identity Evangelist of Concentrus in 2010, and today he applies his experience and expertise to developing leaders and leadership programs for a diverse array of organizations, from nonprofits to companies on Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work list. His latest volunteer venture is Redeemed: a nonprofit that provides entrepreneurial training to the formerly incarcerated and those touched by incarceration.