Learn more about us and our team.

Who We Are

We're a team of professionals who are passionate about seeing businesses thrive, culture change and people transform. We believe there are leaders who want these same principles lived out in their organizations and we want to walk alongside them.

We owe our gratitude to the ideology of Werner Erhard who redefined how people see their lives by implementing transformation for success. The experiential method of learning in a group setting works very well with what we want can do with workgroups.

We decided to fully commit to our corporate clients. Training and coaching are just the first step: we work with them until they achieve true organizational transformation.

Why We Exist

We understand we exist to serve the senior leaders of our corporate clients.

Our differentiator is our emphasis on experiential training. We create an environment in which our clients can see their individual blind spots and understand that they can choose to overcome them. We don't provide general teaching tools or motivational seminars. We help our clients see their own barriers and if they choose to overcome them, we have trainers and coaches to help them.

We do all training in-house because it is important that we fully understand your culture. Only through understanding your current culture can we surface the conversations that will create transformational change in your organizations culture.